"If you come to Rovinj and don't
visit Valentino, it would be the
same as if you visited Paris
without seeing the Eiffel Tower..."

Freundin 15/2008
"This is the place to see
and be seen in the city of Rovinj..."

Forbes Travel Guide Blog 2013
"This classy cocktail and
champagne bar is situated right on
the water...and underwater lighting
helps to add to the atmosphere of
this trendsetting bar..."

The Traveler Editor (2010)
"Nestled in the old town of Rovinj,
the Valentino cocktail bar transforms
into a pilgrimage site for romantics,
especially in warm summer nights..."

Gault Millau (2006/2008)
"The place where the jet-set relaxes…
can you think of something more romantic
than sitting on the rocks right above the
sea, under the glittering of the stars."

Welt online (2009)
"The Valentino Bar lies directly on
the sea shore and it is definitely
one of the most romantic spots on
the Adriatic coast..."

Jutarnji kolovoza (2005)
"As the culmination moment of summer days in Rovinj
approaches, the nice turquoise pillows arranged on the
rocky shore become crowded...
Sunsets can be seen anywhere around the world, but only
in a few places they are so picturesque and spectacular...
The Valentino has been often copied, but the original still
remains the leading place for admiring sunsets..."

Reise Magazin/Österreich 9 (2008)
"A magic place at any time...
Valentino is the most extraordinary
and atmospherical bar in Istria..."

Annabelle Schweiz (11/2001)
"Better than Café del Mar –
the Valentino Bar in Rovinj..."

Cosmopolitan Juli (2005)
"...The play of the lights...
Mecca for lovers..."

Cosmopolitan (2012)
"... off the scale on
romance barometer."

Cosmopolitan (UK 2013)
"Romantics are enjoying sitting on
the rocks of the Valentino Bar..."

Geo Saison 06 (2006)
"...Evenings are capped off with
Champagne cocktails at the Valentino
Bar, a breezy Boite perched directly on
the water and illuminated in vivid
cerulean by underwater lights –
not a bad spot to nurture your own
inner Casanova…"

National Geographic Traveler
November 2011 - "Must see places
Best of the world"
"Man-made décor and Mother Nature coalesce harmoniously in
this "justifiably pretentious" late-night jazz spot, where Steves
says "you'll be given a small seat cushion and welcomed to find
your own seaside niche," quite literally on the rocks. The romantic
ambience comes alive as "classy candelabras twinkle in the
twilight" and underwater lights draw fish from all over the bay.
"While the drinks are extremely pricey, this place is unforgettably
cool," Steves says."

US Today 2012 - 10 great seaside bars in Europe
"Well-known and respected!
Good atmosphere, good drinks ... "

Der Feinschmecker (August 2012)
"For those in search
of cocktails and glamour..."

TheStyleTraveller.com (2013)
fashion editor's guide to the world's stylish places
"Valentino Bar is a must!"

Guide Gallimard Paris (2001)